ROBOX was born not out of business ambition but out of simple fitness necessity. Based in Canada, we launched our brand to stand out from other fitness brands by introducing outstanding fitness products widely available to anyone and everyone who needs them.

Its our belief that we all have a Robust strength like an Ox inside each one of us, which we
need to discover by equipping ourselves accurately with proper gear. Just like our name ROBOX we share the same values of Ox that is strength, reliability, conscientious and faithfulness. At ROBOX we make YOUR satisfaction our priority by providing YOU an excellent quality at affordable price.

ROBOX is all about your safety and protection. Our fitness gear will help YOU to use your strength
in a proper way to make YOU feel more confident, energetic and comfortable.

We are a team of talented and diverse p
eople who work together with mutual respect, honesty, and integrity. We are energetic, detail oriented, knowledgeable and take pride in our work. We love solving problems, creating ideas and actively seek out information and new innovations to improve quality, techniques, and efficiencies.

Quality is the most essential part of ROBOX. We ensure the quality of our products at every stage of manufacturing under the supervision of highly qualified quality assurance staff. Our quality assurance team make sure that the
quality of raw materials, components, services related to production and inspection processes are up to the mark and all our products meet the specifications and are free of defects before delivering to YOU.

We simply say when you shop with us YOU will know that you are getting nothing but the highestquality products on the market.

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